Enchanted Clients

“I appreciate your feedback and that you are a true professional. No matter what field we are in, no matter what we do, our goals are the same – to improve our human condition – and we do this by doing our best in what we choose or wherever our talents lay. After a number of bruising experiences, you are restoring my faith in humans.”

Arnold owens, md

Our experience with Katherine has been excellent. She has supported us with grant writing/editing on two grants and so far we were awarded the first! Katherine was thoughtful and earnest in her approach to working with us, she clearly understood our needs and took time to gain a strong understanding of the mission and message of our organization. I would recommend Katherine and will definitely utilize her services for future grant writing.

kristi balzEr, ED, ROck ‘n’ roll camp for girls

“Encouragement, challenges, and insight are what I reap out of my collaborations with Katherine.”


“Never have I had an editor so proactive, insightful and helpful as Katherine for my deliverables.”

— Erin Barnes, Designer

"Kat helped my son with creative writing projects that truly enriched his interest in story and film. She was sensitive to his age teaching him in a In fun way; she was able to understand his personality and her approach was specific to his needs and character" TIMA IVON, MFT

"Katherine created a magical poetry workshop for my 40th birthday. It was the highlight of my birthday— receiving a gift woven together from all my favorite women’s feelings. Katherine is a true magic maker. She can easily facilitate creative processes for all different kinds of people and inspire them to dig deeper and find their own inspiration and muse.”