Creative Writing


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Queen of the Night & Mycophilia, the Colorado Review & online via the June 2011 podcast

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Channel - Poets for Living Waters, 2011

Delos  &  Thera - The Equalizer, 2010

Membrane & Antechamber - THERMOS mag, 2010

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“Membrane” & “Antechamber,” thermos, Spring 2010

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Materia Prima - Diagram, 2008

Aftermath - The Daily Palette, 2008


Brenda Hillman's Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire, an online Reader's Companion, Wesleyan Press

Phosphorescent's Song for Zula as Duende, the Roem, and Dark Sounds I'd Creep With, a lyric photo-essay, Coldfront, Jan 10, 2014

“Letter to My Skin,” The Grinnell Review, 1995


“Time for the Grind Parallax-online, 2013

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In the Great Woods, translation with Doris Kareva, Estonian poet, in response to shared midsummer holidays, from eXchanges, 2008

An Invisible City, multimedia project, Idyllwild Arts, 2011

Poem-age, Music engineered by Christopher Jett (originally recorded at Don Put Studios, Idyllwild, CA), 2010

Seed, Interlochen Arts Academy: A Night of Neo-Romanticism, with students from Interlochen Creative Writing Seminar & the Interlochen Choir; John Bragle conducting, 2009

Chicago River installation, draft of moveable sculpture poems, in collaboration with artist Andy Hall, 2008