Hire this Word Sorceress:


Line Editing: Let me get “spell”ing! I will edit for language usage, grammar and mechanics, flow, and clarity. This can include projects that need copy editing, website scrubbing, polishing, and basic feedback. 

Developmental Editing: Developmental editing is big-picture thinking that includes an critique and overview of the goals, structure, and strengths of your book or document-in-process. This can include anything from beta reading, extensive document comments, a lengthy author letter that describes gaps and deficits, or targeted, ongoing editing on a project.

Ghostwriting: Creating prose for your use. This service can be added to other services.

Grant writing: I can turn words into money! Contact me for some alchemy.


ABRACADABRA! I am available for brainstorming, content generation, and guiding your brand into solid deliverables, such as articles, advertisements, hook books, and publications. I will create engaging content to help you achieve your objectives. By working to understand your goals, product, and audience engagement, I’ll deliver copy that connects!

Copywriting: Midwifing your best brand: transforming your goals into solid deliverables.

Content writing: We will find a strategy of "what to say" online to help you reach who you need with your content that connects and converts clients. Any needed research or marketing can be added.

Social Media: I can craft customized campaigns, calendars, execute research, explore partnerships, and refine an overall voice to meet your social needs.  

BRAND Divination

I can “read” your existing brand, natural elements, the stars, fortune cards, and archetypes to best determine the strengths of your brand and how—and even when—to market it. This service can also be included with any offering.


Tutoring: Having successfully engaged various populations, I can nurture learners at any age to advance their skills that prepare them for success—whether it be in writing, in school, the arts, or personal scholarship.utoring can take place in your home, in public, or long-distance through Skype, shared docs, and phone calls.

Writing Portfolio + College Essay: For those applying to college, a residency, arts program, summer camp, or MFA program, I will help you navigate your application and build your portfolio.

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